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After I retired I wanted to stay busy on our farm. My almost 30 year career was in the hunting & fishing industry, so raising the birds I had hunted for years was a natural for me. Being married to my best friend, wife & help mate is all I could ask for. My wife of 34 years and I love living on our farm and doing the chores it takes to maintain it. We are living a wonderful slow life in our retirement. Our grand daughter is such joy. Having a big garden to feed us, raising bees for honey, loving our pets and no debt. I feel blessed to have enjoyed this country living and sustaining our family through growing our food and simple ways my whole life. I am happy to see others across this great country deciding to live instead of just collecting more. A less-stress farm life is making us very happy. *******************************************************

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

The Calls For Birds are Daily!

Just as expected, we are getting calls daily for quail.  Had to decline over 1500 bird sale yesterday. That is hard for me to do, but all birds are pre sold already. Heard about another game bird farm that is downsizing due to health so his customers will be searching.  People are showing up at the farm with cages wanting to pick up birds and it's only September. Yikes!!! I might think about another brooder barn and fly pens next spring.  I am happy at my current level, but the need is there.  We'll see!

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